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Discover the remarkable design of Frido Arch Support Insoles, expertly engineered by Fridos team of skilled engineers and podiatrists to deliver exceptional adaptive support and stability for individuals with flat feet. These thoughtfully designed orthotic inserts feature a contoured shape that not only supports your arch but also provides the flexibility and comfort you deserve.

Versatile Solution for Flat Feet: Whether you have partial or complete flat feet or fallen arches, Frido Arch Support Insoles are suitable for you. Frodo’s innovative design caters to various degrees of arch flattening, ensuring that you experience customized support tailored to your specific needs.

Adaptive Arch Support for Unmatched Comfort: The Frido Arch Support Insole incorporates an adaptive semi-rigid arch, offering targeted support in the arch area while maintaining a high level of comfort through its flexibility. Unlike other insoles designed for high arches that can be uncomfortable and require extra shoe space, Frido insoles can be worn in any shoe, even those with tight spaces.

Deep Heel Cup for Optimal Stability: Enjoy the benefits of a fully supportive deep heel cup integrated into Frido insoles. This deep cup cradles your heel, promoting proper foot alignment and providing enhanced stability with every step you take.

Secure and Hassle-Free: Tired of constantly adjusting your insoles? Say goodbye to that inconvenience with Frido Arch Support Insoles. Frido’s non-slip design ensures that they stay securely in place, delivering a snug and comfortable fit inside your shoes, so you can move with confidence.

Tailored to Your Size: Frido Arch Support Insoles come in three size variations – Small (3-5 UK), Medium (6-8 UK), and Large (9-11 UK). To find the perfect fit, simply identify your current shoe size according to UK standards and choose the closest matching size of Frido Flat Feet Insoles. Our “How to Use” guide, included with the product, will assist you in achieving a customized fit.

Breathable and Moisture-Wicking: Experience a new level of comfort as Frido insoles feature micro-air vents and a moisture-wicking top layer of fabric. Bid farewell to sweaty discomfort, as these insoles work tirelessly to keep your feet dry, cool, and fresh throughout the day.

Durability Meets Lightweight Design: Frido Arch Support Insoles are built to last, combining durability with lightweight construction. They are perfect for everyday wear and cater to various activities such as walking, jogging, running workouts, and light sports. Embrace the freedom of movement without compromising on support.

Elevate your comfort and well-being with Frido Arch Support Insoles – the optimal choice for individuals with flat feet seeking unmatched support, adaptability, and long-lasting performance.


Small (3-5 UK), Medium (6-8 UK), Large (9-11 UK)


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