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Ideal Seat Cushion for Coccyx Pain, Tailbone Pain, Sciatica Pain, Muscular Stress: The Effective Orthopedic design with ergonomic curves helps relieve pain by distributing pressure evenly. The U-shaped cutout helps relieve tailbone pain by preventing it from being compressed.

Frido Ultimate Coccyx Seat Cushion

Made for a Happy BUM and Comfortable Sitting: Hard seating surfaces lead to pressure points in your lower body; our seat cushion, cradles your bottom, reducing pain and fatigue in your lower back, hips, and sciatic nerve.

Way, Way Better than Regular Memory Foam Cushions: The unique cooling gel memory foam seat cushion dissipates heat more effectively than any other memory foam, It has AirFlow Vents which promote continuous airflow to keep your bum feel cooler, The optimized density ensures that the seat cushion does not get squished, provides continuous comfort and lasts for years.

Frido Ultimate Coccyx cushion seat

Easy to Use and maintain, it Comes with an Easily Removable & Machine Washable Cover: You don’t need a complex user guide to use it, Simply Place it on the chair or surface where Frido Logo is facing the top, and the U-shaped cutout is positioned towards the back.

The Maintenance is Super-easy, use the metal zipper to remove the cover, wash and reapply. The Cover is Machine Washable with no Hassle.

PERFECT FIT FOR ALL TYPES OF SITS: This seat cushion is a must-have for the New-age lifestyle that requires more comfort. This Seat Cushion Fits perfectly with your current Office/Work-from-home chairs, You can use it while sitting on the grounds watching TV, doing yoga, and so on. This can also be used in Wheelchairs as well as Airplane Seats.

Body Weight

Above 80Kg Wt., Below 80KG Wt.


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