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Features of the Tynor Travel Pillow:

  • Anatomically contoured for full head support
  • Quick tightening to achieve a comfortable fit
  • Relaxes neck muscles without fatigue

Don’t spend another long flight feeling uncomfortable! Try the Tynor Travel Pillow today.

Tynor Travel Pillow

Tynor Travel Pillow features

Tynor Travel Pillow features1

People using Travel Pillow for neck support

Here’s what our customers are saying:

  1. “This travel pillow by Tynor is a life-saver on long flights!”
  2. “I used to get so much neck pain after flying, but since I started using this pillow I don’t have any problems at all.”
  3. “I love this pillow, it’s so soft and comfortable. I can finally get some rest on long flights!”


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