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We at Fitmax are excited to share the opportunity with writers to submit their guest articles for our platform. If you think that your writing brings value to our readers please get in touch via email at care@fitmaxstore.com and we will publish your article.

Writers can contact our audience by writing content that resonates with the Fitmax audience. Your experience in writing content about lifestyle, healthy habits, health management tips for leading a fulfilling life & more will bring exposure to our platform and you as well.

Before you make guest post submissions please read our content guidelines carefully.

Why you should write for us?

Fitmax is a growing healthcare brand and our audience is actively seeking content that will help them increase their health knowledge and that will help them lead an active lifestyle. You will reach a wider audience with your articles and that will help you build your reputation as a lifestyle and health writer. Your guest articles can have a positive effect on our reader’s health and lifestyle.

Submission and approval process

You can contact us at our email care@fitmaxstore.com to submit your guest posts for approval. We review each submission carefully and it may take 2-3 days to get back to you. All content goes through a review process where an expert carefully evaluates your content. Once our experts approve your post we then proceed with the publishing.

What type of guest posts can you write?

We accept guest posts that can provide our readers with tips on how they can improve their daily lives. You can write an article on “things to take care of when you travel” as this will have a positive impact on someone reading that article and they will gain knowledge.

Guidelines for guest posts

Before you write and submit guest posts please make sure the article follows our guidelines.

  • The article should be helpful to the readers
  • The blog post should be 700+ words
  • You can share your images for the post or we can add them on our own
  • The blog post should include your personal experience
  • Content should be original and should provide value to the readers
  • The content should help our readers improve their lifestyle

What types of content do we accept?

  • Lifestyle
  • Health
  • Wellness
  • Fitness

By writing on our platform you will reach a very wide audience so you need to make sure you do your best to write the best content possible. We carefully audit the content that writers submit to make sure it is factually correct.

Before you contact us about the blog submissions, please make sure you follow the above guidelines.

You will get to share your tips related to health, travel, and more via the article that you will write so make sure you make the most out of it. The words that you write should be well crafted so that our readers can relate to it and find value in it.